Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Biggest Challenge

Divorce changes you. It challenges you. 

Divorce flips your world upside down and takes from you everything you've grown to know. For me, it was a home and a little family. That little family was 50% furry, four-legged pups whom I miss dearly. Walking away crushed me, but it was for the best for those sweet ones...and I knew that there was some special dog waiting for me.

When I finally felt settled into my new place in January, I decided that I needed to find that special one. I didn't look for him. He came to me. He popped up on a Facebook post and that face...oh, that face. I just had to meet him.

The picture that started it all.
On a cold Tuesday afternoon in January, I drove to Lifeline Animal Rescue where a sweet white and black dog was walked out to me. "HERE HE IS!", I thought. Well, he could have given 2 shits that I was there. Barely acknowledged me. 

"He's a little...humpy", the girl said. She explained that she didn't want to tell me that via email as she assumed it wouldn't go over well. I'm sure emailing someone to inform them a rescue dog they're interested in humps all the time is the same thing as getting a dick pic in the dating world. Not cute...I get it. I. GET. IT.

Brucey and I went for a walk around the block. Again, he gave zero shits about me although he did manage to take a massive dump in the middle of it which was awesome since I didn't have any poop bags with me, "thanks, dude". I couldn't get a good gauge on how things were going. He just spent time smelling everything and taking in the world. I had a thought that maybe he was a total asshole and not the sweet dog I was looking for. Turns out, he isn't an asshole at all...he just didn't get out much.

Once we got back to the shelter and they took him back to his cage, I asked how long he had been there. The girl looked in his records and said, "2009". If you're like me and not accepting the fact you're getting older, 2009 was totally yesterday, right? WRONG. That dog had lived in that shelter for 6 and a half years after being found one morning years ago abandoned and chained up there.

I left there with so much to think about. What was I getting into? I needed time to sleep on it and decide if this was going to work.

It took about 12 hours. I couldn't get him out of my head. I couldn't stop thinking about that face. How in the hell was he there for so long? Am I a complete moron for taking a chance on this weird, shitting, humping, beast of a dog? I had no idea. All that I kept thinking was that he had been sitting at Lifeline for as long as I had been with my ex: 6 and a half YEARS. Something kept telling me that he was simply waiting for me. 

On January 20th, I drove back to Lifeline to get my boy. I remember getting out of the car and moving something to the backseat while getting that feeling I was being watched. I looked up and there were a good 10 people crammed into this small lobby who were all looking at me. When I walked in, I realized that I wasn't just getting my dog, but I was picking up Lifeline's longest running resident and many of the volunteers who loved Brucey through his time there came to say goodbye. Cue. The. Tears.

I paid the $16 they were charging for him, they handed me the novel of paperwork that accumulates for a dog that lives that long in a shelter and we walked out of that place together...I swore to him he'd never have to go back again.

Right after I adopted him...he stunk.
She wasn't joking about his humping and that can be a problem with other dogs. I joke that he never learned manners...who could being in a cell for so many years? He's humpy and stubborn as a mule. He snores. He sometimes pees in the house. He's not easy. He pushes my buttons and makes me mad. He follows me around everywhere and sometimes I want to punch him the face (I don't). Honestly, he's not the dog I thought I'd get.

There's nothing more lovely than watching a dog see geese for the first time in his life...
But, OH! Oh how I love my Brucey! My sweet boy. He's tolerant and patient and has shown me grace. He's tried and true. He's a mess, but he's my mess.

See, he's been my biggest and most unexpected challenge, but he's the best decision I've ever made. They tell me he's a "senior" dog at about 9 years old, so my goal is to do as much making up for all he missed out on in his life.  He deserves the best parts of me and what I can give him. He's waited for so long for it, after all.

Welcome Back

Well, hello,'s been a couple of years and MY how times have changed!

Life is different.

I am different.

And this blog, as it's been so many times before, is going to be different.

I've wanted to reopen this little corner of the internet for awhile, but had no idea where to start. I seem to find myself in that situation many times over...I want to be somewhere I'm not and have no idea how to get there. One thing I've learned over the last year and half, is that there's only one way to get where you want to be and that's by taking a step. There's beauty in moving forward. In stepping into the unknown....even if you're scared shitless.

As usual, I have no idea where this blog will go or what shape it will take or even how long I'll write my words down for the world to see. Even though all of that is uncertain, I'm happy to be back this little space that I love.

So. Here we are again, friends. Welcome back.

Monday, August 4, 2014

It's a Funny Feeling

Let's be honest, I've been riding my bike more this year than the last 3 years COMBINED. While that's sad for the last couple of summers, it's great for this one. And this girl. 

Thanks to some riding buddies who are calm and patient, I've been able to get out and ride more in the city whereas before even the thought of riding in Buckhead scared the living daylights out of me. I've encouraged myself when I really, REALLY don't want to ride and would prefer to go home after a long day and drink a glass of wine. I've pushed myself to go a little further than I felt I could. I faced some fears.

Riding over I-285 during rush hour traffic giggling because I was having a way better time than those commuters!

I was out this evening by myself on a local rail-to-trail and it was glorious. The trail was quiet with very few people on it, the weather was great and I just felt good! I trucked along at my best pace yet and kept thinking to myself how cycling can really be therapy. It's great to get out on my own sometimes and work through some of those thoughts rolling around in my head. It's even better to get off that bike all sweaty knowing I gave it my all!

I finally feel like I've been re-bitten by the bicycle bug and I couldn't be happier, y'all!!

Now to convince my husband that I NEED a new bike.... ;-)

Tonight's ride on the Silver Comet

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Puppy bow ties

Memories in music
Coldplay Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends 2008
Adele Live from Soho 2009
Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor 2005

This...aka as Pure Joy!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Take Off the Kid Gloves!

I've been away! Work has me busy and I got to travel to California last week for a little bit of "work" and a little bit of play, so I'm just now trying to catch up on life.  Missed y'all...

Last week I attended Specialized Bicycles annual dealer event. This is where dealers are educated on all the brand new products and ideas for the upcoming sales year. I was out 2 years ago in Utah and this year the event was held in Monterey, CA! That's a stone's throw from my birthplace and family...I HAD to go, right?! I can't not get almost giddy when surrounded by the sport that I'm passionate about along with 600 other people who have that same passion. We sit through presentations, go through the trade show and meet other dealers to talk about business trends, etc. It's a big ole bike lovin' week (with beer included) and it's heaven in my eyes. 

So after the women's product presentation, the question of whether I was offended by how women's merchandise in the cycling industry is presented and sold came up from a male shop owner. It went something like this,

Dude: "How do you feel about this women's stuff and how they sell it to you?"

H: "What do you mean?"

Dude: "I would think it's offensive to a woman. Why do they think you need to be treated with kid gloves? Pink and purple and 'women's only' clinics & rides, women's product in a separate and shorter presentation? Yes, you're women, but you aren't SO different that you can't join in with the rest of us."

H: "Well...I'd never thought of it that way. You have a point, actually."

Obviously this is his opinion and we weren't going to get into any debate over it. But I couldn't help but think that maybe there's SOME truth in what he said. I mean, I've never been a big fan of sitting through women's product presentations because teal and purple on bikes that will NEVER fit me annoys me (re: I ride the biggest men's bike they make), but I figured that was just me being, well, me.

I'm told that the women's market in cycling is growing rapidly. I'm not seeing it. I'm told that if I break women's product out in a separate area on my sales floor and hold women's only events that they will come in droves. Nope. I'm a freaking woman and I don't understand why I (like MANY other shops) am not seeing this big "boom" in women's business.

And then I heard a quote that made me chuckle at it's undeniable truth:

"Women LOVE pink. Unless they don't. They LOVE all women's group rides. Unless they don't. They love bicycle products are marketed just for them. Unless they DON'T."

It's true. We're opinionated and those opinions vary in vast directions. And that makes me wonder what we're doing wrong and how my shop can crack the code. I want women on bikes more than anyone, but I haven't been super successful at it.

So, maybe....just MAYBE I should try something different in my own store. I'm not quite sure what that thing is just yet, but my wheels are spinning. Pun intended. 

What do you think? I'd love to hear your suggestions and opinions. We can only get better right?

Now, go ride a bike ladies!!!